Saturday, November 21, 2020

Update for 21NOV2020

 Final NZ election results are in, and Labour won 50.01% of all ballots cast. 

65 - LAB - 50.01%
33 - NAT - 25.58%
10 - GRN - 7.86%
10 - ACT - 7.59%
2 - MAO - 1.17%
0 - NZF - 2.60%
0 - TOP - 1.51%
0 - NCP - 1.48% 
0 - ANZ - 0.99%

Very similar to the preliminary results. 

The Cannabis referendum was rejected 51.17% to 48.83%, while the Euthanasia referendum passes 65.91% to 34.09%. 

Japan has not seen polling in months; at least, not polling I can find in english, or, easily find in japanese. 

Israeli trends continue, but now Joint List has dropped a few seats. Unsure where those supporters are going, however, but they may have scattered among the other left parties. Yamina is, in some polls, only 3 points behind Likud. 

Polling is stable in Germany and Russia. Italy is fairly stable, with FdI ahead of M5S. Lega, however, seems to slowly be falling. 

Myanmar has re-elected the NLD, the party of Aung San Suu Kyi. She was once considered a champion of freedom and democracy, and her election victory 4 years ago was seen as the bringing of freedom to the country, however, her support of the Rohingya genocide has made many outside the country reconsider their support of her. 

Lastly, in Belize, the government has been tossed out. I have my eye on the region due to the court case before the ICJ regarding the border that could see half of the country handed over to Guatemala. The new Prime Minister seems to support the case going forward, while his party has a much more mixed stance on the issue. Results from the case are not expected before late 2022. 

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