Sunday, November 1, 2020

US election, part 2

 I'd suggest everyone glance at this tweet, which says any ballot counting after election day will be challenged. 

I want to now explain the colours on the map I posted yesterday (still on the blog's front page as of this post)

Dark Red or Blue = Candidate will win these states.

Middle-Blue = Counting may continue after election day on ballots cast before election day; but, Biden may win by enough of a margin that, on election night, he wins these states anyway.

Light-Blue = Same as above, except, these states are closer, and, as such, Trump will lead in them on election night, and it will only be the next day where Biden will flip into the lead.

Lightest-Red = These two states, Texas and North Carolina, suffer from voter suppression. Among all ballots cast, more people will have intended to and thought they had cast a ballot for Biden, but due to legal trickery, Trump will end up officially winning these states. 

Light-Red = These states will be close, but, Trump is probably going to win them. 

What this means in context, in my final "part 3" post tomorrow. 

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