Saturday, August 15, 2020


 It is the summer lull that happens every year.

I am following politics around the world; but simply, not much is happening that I feel fits on the blog. 

Most of you likely already know Lebanon's government has stepped down. You also likely know who the Democratic Vice Presidential candidate is in the USA. In other areas, there's simply little news, if any. 

Putin's party in Russia is down a point or two in the polls. Lukashenko continues to brutalize Belarus after "winning" his latest rigged election; In fact, I had planned a post on Belarus that just didn't come together. Basically, look into Viktar Babaryka. He is the one who would have won a "free and fair" election had Belarus held one. 

I continue to follow polling from everywhere. The biggest "change" is that in Japan, Ishin's polling bump seems to have ended. Polls elsewhere remain more or less the same as the last time I reported on it (including any trends I may have pointed out. IE if I said party X is going up, party X has simply continued going up) 

Perhaps the two most interesting countries right now are Israel and Bolivia. In Bolivia, it seems the final two candidates in the runoff will be Acre and Mesa, and polls suggest Acre will win. Why that is interesting is that Acre is from Morales' party, and Morales was the President overthrown. 

In Israel, Yamina is way up in the polls. One poll puts them at 18 seats. I'm keeping an eye on how all of this plays out as it may cause instability in a year or so. 

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