Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Are we at risk due to power greedy politicians?

 Just a quick update today. Things generally continue to advance as last mentioned - IE Belarus continues to rest no a knife edge with Lukashenko holding the upper hand - but two new things have happened.

One of them is not the resignation of the federal finance minister. I always try to help my readers learn the difference between something that is actually important, and something that only looks important. His resignation is the latter. Freeland's taking the job is more important. The most important, however, is the prorogation. Alongside that is the call of an election in New Brunswick.

In these cases we have one Liberal and one Conservative, who both made a decision solely for political gain. A decision that puts legal locks on what can and can not be done in both jurisdictions for a number of weeks. It hampers the ability of the government to properly deal with Covid-19. 

It is hard to decide which decision is worse. Higgs seems to have been totally ignorant of what his own decision means, implying he could move the election date if needed (he can not). A dumb decision (politically speaking) that is only alleviated by the fact that he may come out the other end with a Majority. Trudeau meanwhile has prorogued the house; It's like a suspension but without meeting the technical definition of suspension. Unlike Higgs, he's going to have to work with the opposition parties he just screwed over after the new throne speech comes in. 

This is not a "Liberal Thing" or a "Conservative Thing". In fact, if the NDP were not such comparative electoral failures, I could easily point to them doing the same at another point in time. 

This is a "politicians making selfish decisions" thing. If you want them to stop, you'll need to keep that in mind at the ballot booth. 

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