Monday, June 10, 2019

Italy update

In my earlier post I noted possible movement that I never followed up on as Italy bans polls in the run up to an election and the EU just had one of those.

Since then, polls have confirmed the basic trends from that election which are as follows:

Lega Nord is up across the country, including in the south. They are now polling as high as 37% support. 

M5S has continued to fall and now are polling as low as 16%.

FdI is also up, while FI is down; the former being more nationalist in nature and the latter, generally conservative, the party of Berlusconi. These two parties, along with LN, form the right-wing in Italy. Polls are now showing that the right-wing could win a majority in an election and such a coalition would be expected in the event of such a result. 

PD, the Progressives, are now solidly in second place.

If trends continue normally, LN and PD will become the two main parties, but, trends have done anything but 'continue normally' in Italy as of late. 

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