Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Schedule and tech notification

I am taking a week off in order to run the elections in CMHoC, the political sim I participate in. This will mean very few to no posts during that period. However; I am working on a number of posts that will be posted before the spring.

Additionally, a weird notification. There is a problem with some intel processors that allows for a security exploit. Normally I wouldn't even mention such a thing, but if I understand what I am reading, and I understand my audience, about 65% of you will be reading this on an impacted device, and a grand total of 95% of you will own at least one device that will be impacted. I won't try to explain the tech details here, simply give you a heads up to watch the news in the coming 2 weeks for more details. Until then: do not panic. You are not the prime target. This video is good for understanding the context of that statement. There are bigger fish to fry, in particular, all those cloud servers you use.

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