Saturday, January 27, 2018

PC Leadership race has few likely candidates

After reading the tea leaves and seeing what the general feeling is, I've been able to determine the 6 people most likely to run, and among them, only 3 are very likely.


Vic Fedeli
Caroline Mulroney
Rod Phillips


Christine Elliot
Doug Ford
Lisa MacLeod

Of those, I could only see Ford realistically running, and he's likely to be blocked on the grounds he's not a candidate. 

Fedeli has Caucus behind him, Mulroney has the party brass. Mulroney, however, is still undecided on running. Phillips may have a shot if the brass decides to back him should Mulroney decline.

1 comment:

  1. Ford is now in, but quite possible the PC brass will find a way to stop him. I wouldn't be surprised if they cancel the leadership convention and just put Vic Fideli in. The party brass knows he is political suicide for them so they will pull out every stop to prevent him from being leader. Even him just running damages the party.