Friday, January 26, 2018

Next Ontario PC leader, the two factions

From what I can tell there are two factions growing in the Ontario PC Party. Fedeli vs Mulroney.

Caucus - The caucus mostly seems to want Vic Fedeli to lead the party through the election. Historically, when an Interim is selected and asked to helm a party through an election, this person becomes the "full time leader" and as such this would be a coup de grace for Fedeli.

Executive - The party brass itself however seems to be lining up behind Caroline Mulroney and is pushing for a convention. There's certainly time for one (The 1988 Manitoba NDP had the government collapse, a full convention, and a general election within a 60 day period, the Ontario PC party has 132 from today)

So far it remains Fedeli vs Mulroney, but we'll have to see if both sides can not agree on a compromise candidate.

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