Thursday, October 19, 2017

Quick Iceland Update

A quick update to Iceland.

Reform has edged up, towards the threshold. Additionally I've decided to include the official letter of each party for clarity. 

The two number totals are if Reform does, and does not, pass the threshold.

17-18    V    Green-Left
14-15    D    Independence
8-8    S    Social Democrats
7-7    P    Pirates
6-6    M    Centre Party
4-5    B    Progressives
4-4    F    Peoples Party
3-0    C    Reform


  1. So that makes up what coalitions you think - V+S+P just gets them there, and probably the only workable coalition too, isn't it? Bjarni would have a tough time putting together a wobbly coalition with the rest, and I doubt Reform will want to join back on given how much of a beating they're taking over their inclusion in the outgoing government. I guess he better hope the polls are wrong!

    1. V+S would work as it's worked before. I wont really try to make too many guesses until the final results are out as we are in a situation where one seat can make all the difference.