Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Iceland update - 3 days out

3 days remain to the election. 

15 - D - Independence
15 - V - Green-Left
9 - S - Social Democrats
7 - M - Centre Party
6 - P - Pirates
5 - B - Progressives
3 - C - Reform
3 - F - Peoples Party

32 needed for majority

More to come


  1. Assuming these numbers (and they look pretty good), the only party that could firm a majority Government is Green-Left, but as it would only have 33 seats and since it relies on the always unpredictable Pirates, it would likely be unstable. V could try to leave the Priates out and go for some combination of C, B and M, but that would go over like a lead ballon with V's base (and the Centre parties' as well). Since at most the center-right could only muster 30 seats, the only other possibility would be some kind of grand coalition of V, D and one or more of the centre parties, but that would be even less popular with the V base.

    1. Given the personality conflicts, I'm not certain the Progressives and Centre Party would be willing to sit together. Given the scandal, I don't think the Centre Party could even get into government really.

  2. I agree, which makes anything other than a V-led government virtually impossible (assuming these numbers).