Friday, June 30, 2017

Update on BC and other things

Clark has lost the VONC and the NDP-Green coalition has been asked to form a government. As pointed out earlier, there are still many things that can go wrong for the NDP.

First up will be the selection of a speaker.

There are also various elections coming up I am keeping an eye on. Local elections are mostly done for the year, at least in places I track.

National elections continue.

In July we have Bermuda on the 18th, East Timor on the 22nd, and Venezuela on the 30th. August 8th (my birthday) has Kenya going to the polls.

In September things pick up again with the 11th being host to the Norway elections, 23rd to elections in New Zealand, and the big one, Germany on the 24th.

Polls suggest Merkel will be re-elected, sitting on about 38% of the vote. Her ally, the FDP has about 8%

The SPD has about 25%, with the Left on 9% and the Greens on 8%.

AFD however could play spoiler as it is sitting on about 8% of the vote, meaning neither left nor right coalition may achieve a majority.

At this time, my thinking is the most likely result is a return of the grand coalition.

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