Thursday, June 29, 2017

Update: 29 JUN 2017 - back on track

The issue that caused my residence to be turned upside down has ceased, at least for the most part and for now, and I should be able to return to a normal schedule.


Italy held local elections recently. Five star won 8 comuni, while the left won 67, and the right won 59. However; this compares to 2 comuni for Five star last time (2012) 82 for the left and 29 for the right.

Five star gained about 2% of the vote.


Kosovo held elections recently as well. The governing coalition has lost seats. The more extremist pro-albanian party has gained. No official seat total results are out yet that I can find however, but a grand coalition between the two non-"extreme" coalitions seems possible.


Unclear exactly what is going on as information is spotty; but Prime Minister Peter O'Neill is facing off against Don Polye, the leader of the opposition, in an election that began earlier this week and continues until the 8th of July.


The incumbent Socialists have gained 9 seats, bringing them from a strong minority position to a majority.

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