Monday, June 5, 2017

UK - Waiting for Convergence

Normally when there are two "sets" of polling figures, as there is now, they converge within the 48-24 hours before election day.

Right now there are the "Labour is close" set and the "Labour is further behind" set.

My gut tells me the first is accurate.


  1. Gutsy call for a hung parliament. Under this sceneries only Labor or the SNP can save them from an EXTREMELY short minority government. I guess a Cons/LD/various NI unionists could (barely) but I can't see the LibDems doing any coalitions anytime soon.

  2. BTW, I hope you are right about the LibDems getting 21 seats. That would put them to their average from 1980's -1997, although it will be doing it with half the vote share.