Sunday, June 18, 2017

Macron wins majority in Parliament

In today's 2nd round of the French parliamentary elections, President Macron's party, En Marche, has won a majority.

With 300 confirmed victories, they will be able to command a clear majority within the 577 seat National Assembly.

With their ally the Democratic Movement, they will hold at least 341 seats.

The Conservatives have won at least 135, with the main Republican party winning 113 of these.

The Socialists alliance has won at least 44, with the party itself taking 29.

The Communist alliance has won at least 27, but of these the party holds only 10, with Melenchon's party winning 17, potentially allowing it to sit as it's own grouping within the Assembly.

The National Front has won 8 seats, including that of Marine Le Pen, and an additional seat has been won by their ally party, France Arise.

3 Independents have won seats as well as 5 Regionalists.

Counting continues for the final 13 seats, however the shape of the results will not drastically change.

This result is down on earlier projections for Macron. as it seems some voters simply voted against his party causing a less favourable vote transfer in the 2nd round than expected. The change in the results map from the 1st round leaders to 2nd round winners shows that shift. It implies that Macron may already be starting to get some push back from the electorate and any honeymoon he has will be short lived.

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