Friday, April 21, 2017

UK Election risk, and timing change

A few news stories I suggest reading:

Put simply; there is a chance that, now there is an election and Corbyn's relationship with the voters (through the media) will change, there is a chance that this message will resonate despite his bad relationship with the media, and that he could actually win this election. (as my projections show, I doubt this)

Also a timing change; I've changed my normal "wake up" time which will impact the time I am able to make posts on this blog; I no longer have time to have a post ready for 7am. As such I'm moving to later posts.

It has come to my attention that many readers are still in high school; which is great as I purposefully write to an audience that is eager to learn. As such I will be aiming to have a post ready, every day, for these readers when they come home from school at between 3pm and 4pm eastern. It also means a new post should be ready for those working 9-5 jobs when they come home.

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