Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Story of the night: Nothing really happened.

The NDP's strength in Ottawa does matter in that they can hold on to their core support, but their weakness elsewhere implies they gained little to nothing of a ground game from the orange crush and is utterly terrible news. Conversely, they did maintain a good portion of the vote in Saint Laurent, and that will serve them will going forward in Quebec.

Liberal weakness in Calgary implies they are simply not getting through to the groups of moderates in the suburbs they need to reach, and as a result, is excellent news for the Tories in suburbs across the country. They can not off-set this with wins in Markham.

The Tory inability to take Markham, and poor finish in Ottawa, implies the party has not made up ground lost in the last election, but the fact they at least held in Montreal still spells good news for future gains in, say, 2030

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