Monday, April 3, 2017

03APR2017 - Update
A good article to read. Quebec's provincial government has been the most fiscally responsible in Canada for years now, regardless of party.

As for the three elections yesterday:

The Left won in Ecuador, but the right is challenging it on the grounds of fraud. Unclear what the real story is.

The Pro-European candidate won in Serbia, as expected.

The ruling party in Armenia has won re-election, with enough votes to likely get a majority, but not enough for the special rules that apply when you win a majority. They've won 49% of the vote it seems, which means 50%+1 of the seats in most PR systems due to thresholds and smaller parties that won't win any seats, but, Armenia has a law that says any party that wins between 50%+1 of the vote and 54% of the vote is automatically brought up to 54% of all seats. This is offset by rules that effectively make it so no party can win more than 2/3rds of the seats.

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