Thursday, April 27, 2017

Bonus post: a Bernier Majority

I drew this up for fun. Assuming Bernier were to win a Majority government, what would it look like? Note that this is not me saying he will win a majority; only if he won a majority, what seats would be part of it.

C - 163
L - 122
N - 54
B - 6
G - 2

I kept the NDP level around where it was last time, so don't read too much in to that.

Bernier, as a Libertarian, would shit some of the voting patterns of the Conservative Party, in particular, doing better in urban areas and worse in rural areas compared to a random other person as Conservative leader.


  1. People keep saying that if Bernier wins Quebec will be a Tory area. Do you think this will happen 40+ seats

    1. If Bernier wins, how many seats he wins in Quebec depends on how well the Tories do - but at majority levels, yes, he wins a majority of seats in Quebec. I'll do another post showing a 2015 like result with Benier (instead of Harper) as leader