Thursday, May 5, 2016

UK elections

Today various parts of the UK go to the polls, including Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, London, and many local councils across England.

My predictions are as follows

SNP Majority, with the Conservatives as the official opposition.

Labour minority with UKIP winning a dozen or so seats.

Northern Ireland:
No major difference in balance, but numbers may change quite a bit.

Labour win.

More UKIP gains and LibDem losses

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  1. Northern Ireland Clarification:

    Currently, SF holds a majority of Nationalist seats while the DUP holds the majority of unionist seats. I am saying this will continue to be true. Currently SF+DUP is a majority of seats. I am also saying this will continue to be true.

    However, within that, we could see changes. Currently DUP has 38 seats and SF has 29. All of the above could remain true if this became 39 and 28, or 28 and 39, or 28 and 28 or 39 and 39, etc.