Saturday, May 28, 2016

It's too early

I'm writing this moments after the Conservative Party of Canada, at convention, has voted to have a policy stating that having small amounts of marijuana would be decriminalized.

Up to that point, it was "too early" to answer a question someone asked me, who would win the Conservative Leadership.

I still don't have an answer, but I do know who is not going to win it, someone who wants to yank the party to the right. None of the current candidates are planning to do this.

Even with the 2/3rds support on same sex marriage, things were still unclear, it is more than one stance on one issue, and with this second policy we can start to see a trend that matches other things that I've heard.

It remains too early to pick a winner for the CPC leadership, but only now - moments before I began writing this - did it stop being "too early" to make an educated guess.

We now have information that we did not before.

I do realize I am being extraordinarily brief, and I will go into detail with a further post, but I am simply writing this because many people as of late have been asking me many questions and they all have the same answer, it's too early.

It's too early to truly tell how well Donald Trump will do. Ask again after the conventions.

It's too early to tell how the Australian Election is going, ask again in a week.

It's too early to tell who will win the election in Spain, or the UK Referendum on the EU.

You need solid information to make these kind of judgements, and such information is just not here yet on any of these, but on all of them, we will have much more information by June 8th.

Until then, it's too early.

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