Sunday, May 1, 2016

First video to come in May

A heads up to readers, our first video will come out sometime this month.

The video is for an American audience, and will explain the differences and similarities between the Canadian and American political systems.

It is designed to teach those from the US who know next to nothing about politics in Canada how things work here.

Our second video will be a similar video but for a British audience, while our third video will be designed for people from Britain, Ireland, and other similar places explaining how we count our ballots, and publicize that count, at election time.

I do have plans for other videos, but I want to see how well things go. In particular I want to see the quality of the videos, the popularity of the videos, and the time needed to make the videos.

If I find the balance between these three is acceptable, I will continue to make videos on a regular basis.

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