Sunday, October 10, 2021

Czech Election results

Results are all but final. I've broken out the alliances into parties here for ease of understanding:

Note that I've listed the alliance before the name of the party. 

72 - Govmnt - ANO (Liberal Populist)
33 - P-STAN - STAN (Moderate Right)
23 - SPOLU  - KDU (Christian Democrat)
20 - indpndt - SPD (Populist Neo Nationalist)
14 - SPOLU  - TOP (Conservative Liberal)
4 - P-STAN - Pirates (Pirate)
34 - SPOLU - ODS (Liberal Conservative)

ODS, STAN, KDU, and TOP, all which have similar enough base ideologies, would have a combined 104 seats. It is extremely likely they form government, perhaps including the Pirates, who were part of an electoral alliance with STAN. It should be noted that, technically, all the parties have already agreed to form a coalition, but, I suspect the pirates may end up left out in the end. 

Important to note is that the Social Democrats and Communists both failed to enter Parliament. This jives well, narratively, with Babis' loss, as, the main reason behind it, was his alleged former ties to the communist government, (some suspicion he worked with the secret police). As such, some are saying this election marks the end of the post-communist era for Czechia. 

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