Tuesday, October 19, 2021


 A day late on this one, apologies for that. 

The reality, is there's not much to update. However, we do have two somewhat significant updates.

First; I'm adding Hungary to the list of countries I'm keeping my eye on. The opposition parties have united into a single electoral coalition, and are polling neck and neck with the government. More on this later.

In Italy, we finally have a poll that I've seen coming for some time. It shows FdI, the far-right party, at 20.5%, and, in second place, PD, the Progressives, at 20.2%. Lega has fallen to 19.8%, they are Trump-like. The left-populist M5S is at 15.8%. 

Czechia is having some trouble, with the president's illness now leading to accusations of treason by his staff, who may have forged his signature. 

As always, I'll keep you updates as things develop. 

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