Monday, October 11, 2021

11OCT2021 updates

Coalition negotiations in Czechia have been complicated by an illness that has incapacitated the President. Unlike the US, there is no "Vice President" to simply step in. Additionally, some in the ANO party are trying to form a coalition with the right-wing opposition. This could fracture ANO, which would leave the rump of the party more to the left. 

In Norway, the Labour and Centre parties have agreed to form a government. They have a combined 76 seats, which is short of the 85 needed for a majority. There are 24 seats to the left of the coalition politically, and, 75 to its right. It is likely it will not have a difficult time finding other parties to help pass its agenda. 

No news from other nations on government formation, but it appears that in Iceland, talks between the two largest parties continue, while in Germany, a traffic light coalition continues to negotiate. 

In France, a candidate to the right of Le Pen has potentially been polling in 2nd place for the Presidency, while a moderate Conservative could also make the 2nd round, and if so, has a chance at defeating Macron. 

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