Monday, January 4, 2021

Israel updates - 04JAN2021

 First, I wanted to mention my internet was out all weekend. Normally I try to keep up with news daily, as, it is the change in how that news is reported that is important; but, I've not been able to do that this weekend. Regardless;

A lot is going on in Israel. Danny Yatom is launching a new 'grey' party, IE a party for the retired. Such parties have existed before in Israel and elsewhere, but, tend to either consistently miss the threshold, or, 'just' pass it narrowly. As I do not expect the party to pass the threshold, I will likely not report on it, but if/when I do, I will note it as the grey party. 

Ron Huldai, mayor of Tel Avid has launched his party. I'm not going to do a polling update in this post as these numbers need to settle. Preliminary, it seems he's taken potential seats from Lapid, Gantz, and Sa'ar. 

Moshe Ya'alon's Telem party is splitting from Lapid's Yesh Atid. The reason is the "left" with Telem as part of Yesh Atid is sitting on 55 seats, and Ya'alon seems to think that his leaving will somehow help? It could be a 'power move' to position himself as a potential future participant in a right-wing but anti-bibi government. 

Ofer Shelah's new party will be called Tnufa. As I expected, it is far below the threshold. 

Yaron Zelekha has launched the New Economic Party. I do not expect it to do well. 

Using a single poll, that by Panels Politics, for Maariv, current standings are as follows:

Bibi - 29
Sa'ar - 17
Haredim - 16
Bennett - 13

NON-RIGHT: (includes some slightly right parties)
Lapid - 14
Arabs - 11
Huldai - 8
Lieberman - 7
Left - 5
Gantz - 0

This is the only poll showing Gantz at 0, but, I wanted to post it, as, it is a real possibility. 

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