Saturday, March 7, 2020

Israel Drama

Final results of the election are as follows:

36 - Likud*
33 - B&W
15 - Joint List
9 - Shas (Orthodox)*
7 - UTJ (Orthodox)*
7 - Left
7 - Yisrael Beiteinu
6 - Yamina*

The loss of 1 seat from the Bibi coalition is significant as it makes it much less likely that he can find a way to peel off the needed MKs to form a government. Additionally, there are now a majority of members from parties that support a new law that would make it impossible for someone charged with corruption - such as Bibi - to serve as Prime Minister. 

This both has the potential to solve the deadlock, by removing Bibi from the picture, which would likely lead to a Likud-B&W coalition, but it could also force Bibi's hand, making him want a 4th election to save his skin. 

This will likely take days, week, or even months to play out. Regardless, I will keep you all updates as news develops. 

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