Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Update on politics and elections around the world

In Saxony it seems more clear what is going to happen.

45 - CDU
38 - AfD
14 - Left
12 - Greens
10 - SPD
1 - Unfilled

The unfilled seat will remain so. All 30 AfD candidates on their list got elected, and 8 additional people, not on the list, won their local seats, and also get elected.

As a result, the CDU is seeking a coalition with both the Greens and SPD. A similar coalition has governed in a nearby state.

In Israel, Zehut has withdrawn from the election in return for a cabinet position if Likud forms the next government. This leaves Otzma Yehudit as the only party near but below the threshold.

In the UK, chaos reigns as the parliament is trying to figure out if it wants an election or not. Once they sort that out, I'll be able to provide better updates. It looks at this time like the Conservatives would win a majority in any election; but things can change rapidly once the writ drops.

Lastly in Russia, Putin's party has taken a dip to close to 32% support. Due to the election system and the division of the opposition vote among 3 other parties however, this likely still means a majority for the party in any election, if a narrow one.

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