Sunday, September 1, 2019

Saxony may skirt chaos

Ballots are still being counted; but early results suggest the following in Saxony:

45 - CDU
30 - AfD
14 - Left
12 - Green
11 - SPD
8 - unassigned

This allows for a CDU-Green majority. Additionally, the AfD could have won more seats had their candidates not screwed up; the reason they are "only" taking 30 is they only managed 30 candidates filling out the paperwork properly; otherwise they would be at 38 (this is the cause of the 8 'other' seats shown)

While it is not yet clear to me how these 8 other seats will be assigned, what is clear is that so long as these numbers hold, a CDU-Green coalition may the answer to the problem of forming a coalition in Saxony.

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