Monday, September 2, 2019

Brandenburg election (and more on Saxony)

Elections in the german state of Saxony have resulted in the following:

25 - SPD
10 - GRN
10 - Left
(45 - most likely coalition)

23 - AfD
15 - CDU
5 - FW (free voters)
(43 - opposition)

A Red-Red-Green coalition seems extremely likely and will almost certainly form as a result of this election.

Saxony however is more complex. Its quite clear the CDU has won 45 seats, and that the Left has won 14, compared to 12 for the Greens and 10 for the Social Democrats; however, the number of seats won by AfD is uncertain. It is at least 30, as, they had 30 candidates on their list, but many german websites report this number as 38, saying that local candidates have won seats. Despite this, others report the number as 30, despite the local candidates.

If 30, then the CDU and Greens can form a majority. This will be bolstered by the fact that the remaining 8 seats will be assigned based on the poplar vote for the non-AfD parties. If 38 however, then the CDU-Green coalition no longer has a majority; and would require an additional partner to remain in government.

I will make a further post on this as things become more clear.

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