Saturday, July 6, 2019

Austria - quick update

Just an update to show where the polls are and how things look.

72 - OVP (Christian Democrat) [+10]
42 - SPO (Social Democrat) [-10]
34 - FPO (Nationalist) [-17]
20 - GRN (Green) [+20]
15 - NEOS (Liberal) [+5]
00 - JETZT (Left-Green) [-8]

Given the recent scandal, it would be extremely difficult for the nationalists to rejoin the coalition. With this in mind, my feeling is the coalition that Kurz (OVP leader) wants is with NEOS. At this time, they don't have a majority in the polls. Kurz could get one with the Greens, but it is likely the two are simply too far apart in terms of policy.

Austria has had a minority government before, but such things are rare and don't tend to last for very long. Its quite possible however that if OVP and NEOS can get close enough to a majority, a minority could run for a few months. It's also possible that the OVP could rule in minority with some sort of supply and confidence agreement from the FPO while the FPO remains out of government.

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