Sunday, January 27, 2019

Update to previous post

Those who are/were concerned about my last post, be aware I've taken the following steps.

1 - I went to the bank and put $5 in an envelope and deposited it into the ATM.

2 - I've contacted PayPal to inform them, through their support system, of an issue with the transaction.

3 - I've contacted Twitch to inform them, through their support system, of an issue with the transaction.

4 - I've contacted the bank through secure online messaging, their support system, to let them know of a potential issue with the account.

Friends helped to spot me $20, most of which I've set to go into my bank, with the remainder being enough to cover any shortfall as my paypal balance.

As such this is what they should see.

The bank should see both that I have $5 waiting to clear (its not available yet) and that I've made a note about an issue.

Paypal should see I now have enough in my paypal balance to cover any shortfall, and that I've made a note about an issue with the transaction.

Twitch should now see that I've requested the transaction be cancelled.

I will call the bank at 8am to make a further note; but this is all I can do at this time.

The next time I can do something is Monday morning at 9am; at which time I will go into the bank and deposit $4.


If the transaction is completed after 9am on Monday, everything is fine.

If it is completed before 9am on Monday, the following should happen.

A - The bank will notice I don't have the money requested. The bank will also notice I have enough money to cover this shortfall waiting to clear. It will then have a decision to make. I've been a good customer for years without any problems in my account; and my bank is a credit union. Hopefully they'll also see the note I've sent them. Odds are they will decide to allow me to go into the red for a few hours, or even a few days, as I regularly get my disability support on the last business day of the month, which is this coming Thursday. However there's still a chance that despite all of this the bank will ding me with NSF. If they do they can do this in two ways. First, it can send the money to paypal and simply demand I cover the difference along with the NSF charge. Second, it can tell paypal I dont have the money. It is this, second option that causes problems.

B - If that happens, Paypal then has a similar set of decisions. An e-mail came through as I am writing this to let me know that Paypal will not accept any further pre-authorized payments from Twitch without my approval. If paypal sees I dont have enough money to cover this, it can then draw from the balance in paypal. The money is there. However, its system may be set up to try to draw the money from another source. This is potentially problematic as it has my old banking information for an account I no longer use. I've tried to delete it but paypal has refused to let me claiming there's always an ongoing transaction tied to that account that I can not cancel. Regardless, paypal can decide that since I didn't have enough money to cover this in my balance at the time the transaction came in, that it will tell twitch that I didn't have enough money. Even if it does not, Paypal may decide to restrict my account again meaning I'll always need balance in my account and can not purchase things through the bank.

C - If that happens, Twitch will become aware, and may do their own restrictions. They won't charge me any money, the worst they can do is cancel the subscription I've requested be canceled; but they could limit my functionality. Even the e-mail Paypal sent me a few moments ago may do that by making paypal to twitch transactions harder.

Regardless, I've done pretty much all I can until monday morning.


  1. I called the bank and they said they'll release the $5 I put into the ATM now. so this solves all the problems.

  2. Do you not have online banking? You should given that I believe its available for everyone online. Why not just have someone e-transfer you the money and deposit directly into the account?

    1. most of my friends are not canadian and even then to transfer in $5 instantly would cost $20 after fees

    2. What bank do you work with that forces you to pay $20 for e-transfer? That's ridiculous. You shouldn't need to pay anything especially to deposit. I'm saying this because if you need a fiver or tenner to cover something in an emergency, I'm more than happy to.