Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Twitch Streaming!

I'd like to announce that my years long dabbing in video making has finally resulted in a final decision; I will be streaming educational content on twitch!

This will not start today, or tomorrow; but may be as early as March. I need some better equipment before I stream and March is the earliest I can get it.

The content I will stream is basically the content you find on this blog, but focusing much more on general educational content (for example: this series on Northern Ireland) which will generally be an improvement in my content.

Blogposts would continue but be more focused on things I can't do on stream such as maps, numbers, polls, and other things that don't translate well to video streaming.

Eventually, the 'lectures' I give on stream - which will be live and off the cuff - will be refined into scripted youtube videos.

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