Saturday, November 24, 2018

Victorian election

Elections were held today in the Australian state of Victoria. While counting continues, current results are as follows:

55 ALP +8
22 LIB -8
6 NAT -2
2 GRN +-0
3 IND +2

And in the upper house:

19 ALP +5
9 LIB -5
4 DHJP +4
2 TMP +2
1 GRN -4
1 NAT -1
1 SA +1
1 ABP +1
1 LD +1
1 AJP +1
0 SFF -2
0 FPRP -1
0 LDLP -1
0 V1LJ -1

The governing Labor Party will now control 19 of the 40 upper house seats, needing only two more to pass any legislation. The left-wing Greens and Animal Justice Party may well provide these votes when needed.

DHJP and ABP are both very right-wing and populist in a social aspect, while TMP is effectively a lobby group for Taxi drivers who are anti-Uber.

LD is libertarian leaning towards economic capitalism.

SA likes to think of itself as centrist and may vote for policies they like.

Compared to the old council, this one is slightly more friendly towards the government and should be slightly easier to get legislation through.

The lower house, however, was more of a blowout. The result is similar to the 2006 result in some ways, but not as lopsided as the 2002 contest which saw the Liberals reduced to 17.

Key reasons for the Liberal defeat was the trouble in the federal party (which turfed Turnbull and replaced him with Morrison as PM.), not campaigning on the issues that most voters cared about, and the Labor government simply being popular and being considered to have done a 'good job'.

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