Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Ontario municipal elections; Toronto, Brampton and others

I've updated the Toronto map to be a lot less friendly to John Tory. It's the same map, and I've intentionally left the lossey bits around the candidate name the 'red' of John Tory to help them pop when compared to those committed to Ford; but it shows very well the fact that the progressive middle, by holding the balance of power, is what really won the election in Toronto.

In Brampton, parachute candidate Patrick Brown managed to win, 44.4% compared to 40.7% for the sitting mayor.

In my area alone the following cities, towns, and townships, have had to delay voting for another day due to issues with online voting:

Muskoka Lakes
Georgian Bay
Bradford West Gwillimbury
Owen Sound
Town of Blue Mountains
Lake of Bays

This does not even include places like Sudbury, where elections were also delayed, but since it is not within my local area, it does not appear on this list.

Beyond that there is not much to say today. Without a standardized set of political parties, telling the story of the election in each various municipality would require a post onto itself, and with over 400 municipalities in Ontario alone (remember BC voted the other day, and Manitoba and PEI both vote soon in their own municipal elections) this is not really something that's possible for me to do.

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