Friday, July 27, 2018

Very quick reminder to be mindful of the media

Today, as many of you know, Doug Ford announced changes to the coming municipal elections.

Chairman elections in 4 regions; Peel, York, Muskoka, and Niagara, have been cancelled. Additionally, Toronto is moving to 25 councillors by the decision of the provincial government.

In the press conference which just ended, there were many questions about the council election, which impacts the slightly under 3 million people in Toronto, but not a single question about the chair elections, which impact slightly over 3 million people in the impacted regions.

Be mindful that the media may not be asking the questions that are in your best interest. Toronto is a much sexier topic that Muskoka. Be aware of that when reading stories and be aware that more people are being impacted outside Toronto than inside of it.

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