Thursday, July 26, 2018

Pakistan election

Early results of the Pakistani election are as follows:

119 - PTI
64 - PML (N)
43 - PPP
46 - others

However, I will not be covering it in detail. There are a few reasons for this that I'd like to detail.

As outlined here, one problem is simply that of readership. Not many people are interested in the Pakistani election.

Additionally, Pakistan is one of those 'grey zone' democracies, much like Russia, or Iran, where exactly "how" democratic the country is, is in question. This makes any coverage difficult.

Lastly, this election in particular has some very unique and very specific problems that tie it deeply to the culture of Pakistan, a culture I do not fully understand. 

These results mean Imran Khan has a leg up on becoming the next Prime Minister. Khan and his party can best be described as "Left-Populist" and he calls himself a "Liberal", but also seems to be interested in gaining power for himself. 

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