Friday, July 28, 2017

Christy Clark resigns

Christy Clark resigns as BC Liberal Leader

I will be doing a full post on BC within the next week; but wanted to provide this update.

I suspect and expect my readers follow political news, so I won't say things that I expect to fill the papers today; rather I want to speculate on the politics.

The smart strategy, politically, is to bring down the coalition and go to an election. It still is. This is easy to do so long as all BC Liberal MLAs remain in the Legislature.

This is why Clark's resignation from the legislature makes little sense; unless...

This strategy works brilliantly if someone is waiting in the wings to take over the party, someone Clark approves of. The problem is who?

While names like Sam Sullivan or John Reynolds come to mind as possibilities, and other names like Kevin Falcon can be floated, none of them really strike me as having the kind of "star power" that is needed to really make this work. In fact the only BC MLA or MP in the past decade that does is Stockwell Day, and I honestly can't see him making the jump to provincial politics at all.

As such the question of who will take over remains a mystery to me.

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