Saturday, October 22, 2016


A quick post. I wanted to expand a bit on some feedback I got from an earlier post I had made about the polls possibly being wrong.

In particular, people's responses to me were that because polls have different methodologies... and the such, which indicates to me that I've not been being very clear.

When I say "Polls" or "The Polls" I am not referring to one poll, or a small collection of polls, I mean all the polls. Not just all the polls, but all the polls taken together as one. To me even things like this are inaccurate. What matters is the trend. If Clinton has been leading by a wide margin, according to not just one poll aggregator and averager, but many, and have done so over a period of time, then, and only then, do "the polls say" that Clinton has a lead, according to me.

I wanted to clear up that context for not only past but future posts as well. When I say "polls" I use that term very strictly, and if I am referring to an individual poll, I will always point it out.

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