Sunday, October 30, 2016

Iceland's continuing Election

An update from earlier posts; something had indeed been lost in the translation. Iceland continues to count ballots. I've also been reading up on the two potential coalitions that have been setting themselves up for power overnight.

The updates numbers, coalitions, and maps, are as follows:


While counting continues (as far as I can tell) the current results are as follows:

21 - Independence (Conservative)
11 - Left-Greens
9 - Pirate
8 - Progressive (Rural Liberal)
7 - Reform (Green-Liberal-Reformist)
4 - Bright Future (Liberal-Reformist)
3 - Social Democrats


The Social Democrats have, unlike my earlier estimation, committed strongly to a coalition with 3 other left-wing parties. The Pirates, Left-Greens, and Bright Future.

Reform, however, has not made such a commitment. The party, in fact, is quite pro-europe, and has appealed to many small c conservative voters. The Party could enter into a coalition with the existing government.

29 - Government
27 - Opposition
7 - Reform


As such the update map is as follows:

Note the one "undecided" seat. Iceland has two major media sources that I've been using, their main TV network, and their main newspaper. The two disagree about the final numbers. The Newspaper, however, has been far more conservative about it's calls all night, not "declaring" winners until quite late. As such, I've used it for this map.

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