Saturday, November 5, 2022

Netanyahu wins Israeli elections. the end.

 Bibi has won the Israeli elections. Results are as follows:

32 - Likud (Bibi) [X]

24 - Yesh Atid (Lapid)

14 - Religious Zionist (Ben Gvir) [X]

12 - National Unity (Gantz)

11 - Shas [X]

7 - UTJ [X]

6 - Yisrael Beiteinu

5 - Ra'am

5 - Hadash-Ta'al

4 - Labor

Parties with [X] will all but certainly form the next government.

This is where I take a step back

This is where I point out that the owner of twitter posts conspiracy theories

This is where I point out that the "Far Right" has won in Italy

The "Far Right" governs in Poland

in Hungary

it nearly won France, and likely will next time

it's growing in the UK within the tory party itself

It keeps winning primaries for the GOP in the USA

Go re-read this. all of it.

The "Far Right" has established itself as the only valid alternative to the mainstream status quo left.

In the post I linked to, I compared Trump and those like him to Gracchus, Robespierre, and Lenin. All three of them lived in times of violence, where people could be killed for their political beliefs. The things people said were held against them. 

When people like Caesar, Napoleon, and Stalin took over, only the "good little boys" got to live a comfortable life. Those who knew when to stop rocking the boat. 

This Israeli election is simply the straw that broke the camels back. It's just "one too many" examples of the "Far Right" winning. One too many data points. 

I'm closing this blog. Forever. 

Feel free to call me a traitor. I'm sure you will anyway. Call me anything you want. Tell me that they'll come for me anyway, and it'll be my own fault for not speaking up.

I'm done trying to warn everyone. Nobody listens.

Instead, I'll be a "good little boy"

A good little boy who knows when to shut up.

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