Sunday, November 13, 2022

a proper ending

 I wanted to clarify a few things.

1 - No I'm not "afraid of my life because somebody won an election in Israel."

Rather, it takes effort to keep reminding people that credible news organizations are credible for a reason. It takes effort to keep reminding people that not every conspiracy theory must be met with a well thought out response. It takes effort to keep reminding people that psychology explains why humans do things, not crazy conspiracies. It takes effort to keep reminding people that many of us see little to no difference between a "very religious christian", "very religious jew", "very religious hindu", and "very religious muslim". It takes effort to keep reminding people that those with malicious intent who agree with your policies must still be opposed.

I'm done with that. I'm done with expending effort into those things. Partly for reasons of personal growth, but also partly because it is super clear that the people I keep explaining these things to, now make up the new "mainstream" of right wing thought. What we one called "far right" thinking. 

That's just normal now. DeSantis, Meloni, Bibi; all are just right-wingers now, at least in the minds of voters.

2 - I'm not "done with politics."

But I am done with wanting a political life. I realized a while ago that I'll never be Prime Minister. Ever. It's just not going to happen. I don't have the skillset required, and even if I lucked into a position to grab at the job, I wouldn't even enjoy it. 

Lately I've realized that, for much the same reason, I will not have a political life either. I won't be some super strategist. I won't be on the TV telling you what the election means. I won't be in cabinet, supporting someone who has the skills to be PM. 

And most importantly

3 - I'm trying to be a better person.

That means seeing people as people. Seeing anti-vaxxers as people. Seeing even anti-maskers as people. People I don't understand, but people.

The political 'life' I've lived so far has lead me to become too extreme and shut out those I disagree with. That's changing.

Combined, that means I really no longer have a reason to run this blog. You can, and should, follow me on Twitter. I ask this knowing many people who hate Elon Musk will refuse; and that's a key reason why I'm actually asking this. No only do I want to stop seeing people by just their politics, I want to surround myself with the same. Those who have left twitter due to Elon are exactly the kind of people who I no longer need in my life. 

They can tell themselves I love Elon somehow. I don't really care. Elon is a moron and a jerk. A moron and a jerk with some good ideas, like going to space. He's both. Good and bad. Bad and good. That's possible. That's what humans do, be complicated and complex. That's human.

And I'm tired of pretending I'm different. I'm human. Just like Elon. Just like Trump. Just like my MP (who is prob my fav politician right now). Just like historic Heroes. Just like historic Villains. I am human. The only way I can see for myself, at this time, to continue to grow as a human, is to stop this blog. Likely forever. Perhaps just for now. But. Likely forever. 

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