Sunday, March 20, 2022

20MAR2022 updates

 A quick update on world politics.

In general, previously noted trends continue. 

Where things have 'changed', such as Brian Jean's by-election victory, the meaningful result of this, has yet to play out. 

The only major news update is the election in South Australia, which, due to the Ukraine crisis, I've not followed as close as I otherwise would have. Labor appears to have win a majority in the state. 

Beyond that, I wish to note upcoming elections.

27th of March has Saarland state-level elections. SPD lets set to finish in first.

3rd of April, Hungary votes. I will be covering that.

3rd of April, Serbia also votes. I will cover the results.

10th of April, Mexico holds a recall referendum on their president.

24th of April, Slovenia votes.

5th of May are local elections in parts of the UK. 

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