Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Important updates - Ottawa and Ukraine

 This is a short, but, important post.


It is my educated estimation that Russia's original plan was as follows:

Step 1 - Hold training exercises. These would simulate a Russian attack on Ukraine. It would have all the parts needed to actually invade Ukraine, but, would not invade Ukraine.

Step 2 - Ukraine, fearful of an actual attack, and seeing that the glorious Russian army is able to crush their nation, becomes much softer in it's approach.

Step 3 - Glorious Mother Russia can then recognize (and later annex) Donetsk, as well as get all of Ukraine into the fold as a puppet nation after the next Ukraine election.

However, they did not expect the EU, NATO, and the USA to become involved.

Their little 'demonstration' to 'scare' Ukraine into 'compliance' has turned into a potential war involving Europe. 

This has backed Russia into a corner of sorts, and the only way out may be to actually invade Ukraine, with the hopes that it can be taken quickly enough that Russia can achieve it's objectives before the EU/US/NATO can respond. 

What Russia does remains to be seen


Only one thing I want to mention here, and it's not even the use of the emergencies act. It's the "Battle of Billings Bridge". 

This "Battle" was simply anti-convoy citizens coming out to blockade the convoy.

Why is that important?

Because, instead of being Citizen vs Government, the demonstrations became Citizen vs Citizen.

There was no violence at said "battle", but, I fear the concept of "Citizen vs Citizen" will become much more commonplace in the coming decade or two, and in these future confrontations, in Canada and more so, elsewhere around the world; I do expect violence. "Mob Justice" will become "Mob vs Mob battles"

I hope I am wrong.

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