Friday, February 4, 2022

04FEB2022 updates

 We'll start small and move on to larger topics:

In France, Italy, Hungary, Israel, and Ireland, things basically remain unchanged. 

Northern Ireland has seen the first minister resign. I'll follow up on this in future posts, however, it's likely the lack of an a first minister will remain until the spring election.

Elections are coming up in March in the Saarland, a state of Germany, where the Social Democrats are leading the polls, and could see an SDP-Green government elected.

The state of South Australia is also holding elections in late March. 2PP polling suggests either no change or the most minor of changes; but, the polls are also close, 51%-49%. I'll be posting more on this as the election approaches.

Portugal held elections this past week. The ruling Socialists have gained seats, and appear to have nabbed the slimmest of majorities. This is the first majority since 1995, and the second since 1991. Other majorities include 1988, 1980, and 1979. These 6 majorities contrast with 11 minorities since the end of the dictatorship. 

Finally we get to politics here at home in Canada.

O'Toole is out as CPC leader. The big divide in the party is between more moderate members, and more extreme members. The right-wing has a massive advantage at the moment, and it is almost certain that the next leader will be more right-wing than O'Toole was. Poilievre and Lewis are two names that come up often. I'll be doing many posts on this as the tories pick a new leader. 

I also have an eye on Alberta, and Ontario, to see how these recent trucker protests will impact these governments. 

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