Friday, December 13, 2019

Huge Johnson Majority

The images mostly speak for themselves. Thoughts on what happened will come later; before that I want to update everyone on what's been going on in places like Italy, where we've actually seen movement. Later today or Tomorrow expect a general update post, while thoughts on the UK result will come over the weekend. The short:

Two national parties offered a solid answer to Brexit, the Liberal Democrats who said no, and the Tories who said yes. One of them has won, this solves the deadlock in Parliament. A trade agreement still needs to be negotiated, but no longer is the UK in constitutional jail. I will expand on this in my later post. Jo Swinson, meanwhile, lost her seat and is thus already no longer the LibDem Leader. Northern Ireland now has more Nationalist MPs than Unionist MPs. Wales has over a dozen Tory MPs. And Scotland has gone heavily SNP.

Lastly, for anyone wondering, results in St. Ives are held up by weather. Unlike most other countries we cover, in the UK, all ballot boxes must be in the same location before any of them are opened, and a box from a small island in the seat can not be flown out due to storm conditions. Results could be out by the time I wake up, or, may not come until Monday.

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