Friday, December 6, 2019

General update

UK: my current thoughts are as follows:

Elsewhere: There simply is not much going on.

Canada:  Here in Canada we elected a new Speaker of the House, Anthony Rota. I think this may be the first time a returning speaker has lost re-election. Then again, elections only started a handful of speakers ago. Fraser didn't run again for a commons seat in 1993. Parent, who won that speaker election, didn't run again for a commons seat in 2000. Milliken, who won that speaker election, didn't run again for a commons seat in 2011. Scheer, who won that speaker election, did run, and win, his seat, but did not re-offer as speaker. Geoff Regan was then elected speaker. In this most recent election, he won re-election to his seat, and, re-offered as speaker, but was defeated by Rota. I will do more research on speakers in other similar systems to see if any precedent was set.

Japan: The two halves of the Democratic party, which split years ago, are now sitting together as a unified opposition caucus. The two parties, however, remain independent, and distinct.

Spain: PSOE and UP will sit in coalition, but such a coalition needs support from smaller, regional parties. Voting on that in the new Parliament has yet to complete.

Ireland: Recent by-elections have had interesting results; but I doubt said results as being important, and so am ignoring them for the time being. Recent polls, however, suggest I may be wrong, and if we get as few as one more poll suggesting such, I will revisit my stance, and make an update post.

Slovakia: There have been quite a few changes, but to fully grasp them, I need to do a deep dive, and simply have not found the time to do so yet. When I do, I will update.

Israel, Austria, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Russia: no significant updates since my last post.

Other countries: I'm not following any other countries very close at the moment, the next elections that catch my attention are in Taiwan in January.

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