Sunday, August 26, 2018

A few quick notes

1 - I'm working on getting more Bernier data, but so far, what's been released is very limited.

2 - I'm working on more NB stuff, but again, data is quite limited.

3 - As a video gamer, and, suspecting my small audience is somewhat similar to me, its likely most of you have heard of or will soon heard of the Jacksonville shooting. I want to point you towards this post on my personal blog. The US has a violence problem, taking away their guns will just encourage them to use knives. US culture needs to be fixed and cleansed of its violent ways, doing this will decrease gun violence.


  1. I am looking forward to your polling information and analysis with Bernier and his new party. Would it be just an one-man party or end up splitting the right-wing like during 1993-2003 with the Reform and PC parties?

    1. Reform started in 1987, but only won many seats in 1993 after the PC Party collapsed. It would have been more "realistic" for them to win about a dozen seats in 1993 (had the tories not collapsed). That is the sort of path I expect Berniers party to take, and, even then, only if he manages to play all his cards right at all the major opportunities. In short: he could be the next Harper, but, it will take a good 20 years.