Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Later post on Ontario and Update on Iceland, Germany, and Ireland

Iceland has, somewhat surprisingly, a new government. The Left-Greens will lead a government coalition including the conservative Independence party, and the liberal Progressives. The 3 parties meet today with their own memberships to finalize the agreement.

Germany wont even begin talks until the new year, which means any rejection wont be known for weeks, and a risk of an election is thus weeks away.

Ireland solved its political dispute by having the deputy PM (tanaiste) step aside, quashing the chance for a snap election.

As such, I will look at Ontario, the largest province of Canada and home to Teddy, author of this blog.

This post will come out in only a few hours. Since it is planned to be an introduction post, one I can reference for years to come, I will separate it from the above.

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