Friday, November 24, 2017

Elections; Queensland, and update on Germany/Iceland

Queensland goes to the polls tomorrow. Polls close around sunrise here in the eastern time zone. Most polls indicate a narrow Labor victory, but polls prior to the last election indicated a LNP victory and Labor won. It should also be noted that One Nation (often described as "the racist party") is doing well and could win a handful of seats; it may be enough to force either Labor or the LNP to a minority.

Germany's coalition negotiations have failed after the Liberals pulled out. Another election is likely, with polls showing only minor changes from the results of the last election.

Iceland is looking at a coalition between Independence, the Left-Greens, and the Progressives. Polls show if another election is held, the Social Democrats would likely swap places with the Left-Greens as the largest left party.

Lastly a personal update; I've become an election administrator for that CMHoC sim I've spoken about, and this is consuming some of my time as we are having a by-election for a vacant seat. New players are always welcome, but be prepared for high-school level memes.


  1. I like election sims and I like memes, but some of those folks went a little too far into what I'd now dub "Roy Moore territory." I'd watch your associations there man.

    1. these are high school level memes. Most of the "anti-gay" people that are in chat are homosexuals. Modern youth humor is about saying the most offensive thing you can, and trying to top that.

    2. The particular thing that drove me off wasn't anti-LGBT, it was a guy who wanted to argue, perhaps jokingly though who knows, that pedophilia is A-OK.

      You want to come up with some weird and offensive memes, fine. There's got to be a line somewhere however. Just my thoughts.