Sunday, June 26, 2016

Spanish Election Update

Results are still coming in, but with over two thirds of the vote counted, we have the following results:

135 - PP
89 - PSOE
72 - UP
29 - Cs

This election was called because a majority could not be cobbled together. No 3 party coalition was workable.

PP Cs tried to form a coalition but failed.
PSOE and UP also suggested a coalition could  be formed.

PP and PSOE tried as well, but this caused PSOE to nearly tear itself apart.

Sadly, this is what we have

176 needed for majority
164 = PP + Cs (up from 163)
161 = PSOE + UP (down from 163)

As such, we end up right back where we started.

The good news is this sort of thing has happened before, and it resulted in a grand coalition being formed. I can't recall where off the top of my head, but will post this to get the numbers out, and edit in the links later.

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